Photo by Angela Roma on Pexels.com

Past the superficial engines

I went deeper

Into the central rooms of myself


I found ancient ritual

Thick tapestry lining walls

Humming, haze

Of handrolled sticks alight

And a baby in my arms


Nervous, unsure how to support

The young flesh absorbed into mine

As usual, skilled in simultaneous flight

Without memory

Of the secrets of their chantings

I wonder just what happened in that core

And what the digested matter

Is growing in me now


The crows in the distance

The snow beneath feet

Now I’m running


Old prisons abandoned

Now I’m rising

Requiring reality

A sippable sensuality

Beyond the programming’s pleasure


There I find her

Grown and reaching

She’s waving media

And dark vibrations

And asking for my guidance


Do I have the tools to raise her?

Nervous, unsure how to support

I take her hand

And we begin to walk


Into the question


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