Photo by Chait Goli on Pexels.com


Or fear?

How do we tell the Truth

When immersed in

Unproveable sensations

When pasts are filled

With nudges leading

To death

When the moments

Of life’s severance

Unfelt by a daughter so true

When dreams forecast


Never possible to intercept

When excitements lead

To despair, violation and ruin

When whole years are focused

On It, Undeniable

Only to watch the pieces

Crumble, falling

Through the cracks

One day realizing

It, too




Or fear?

Does this sensate body Know

Can I trust to guide

Or will I never really understand

Having to risk, over and over

To see

What remains Mystery


Is it all just a crapshoot

Training, my centering

As the Wheel turns

Up, and Down

Over and over again?



There’s been those nudges

The ones I’ll consider friends

Preventing disastrous outcome

With details I’ll never see


I guess what I’m asking for

Is magick

Pure selfless and unarranged Beauty

Helping to believe

There’s You

In me


There’s a Strength, a Core

A solid force

A Spine

A Something




Or maybe

Just affirmation

Of open channel

Hollow Bones

Letting the wind flow

Holding the tension

Between Intuition

And fear

Of all this Yes

Or No

Left or right

Purpose or wandering

Sacrifice or survival



As it all

Whistles through

Into a bigger song

Than Me


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