Magical Child

She came into this world

Full of dreams

Fairies in the concrete

Spirits in the bog

Images on the screen encouraged her

Everything around her was alive


For her mother


Now that was a strange blip in the equation


Her mother

Was dead


Well, not really

She walked and talked and stuff

But the light

The light

Was gone


There was a hollow

Inside of her

Something even the most powerful wizard

Could not reach

But even this

Became part of the fairy tale

The sleeping dragon, the Dark Witch

For awhile

She made it all

Make sense


At decade’s crossing

Theta slowly fading

Suddenly the whole world became grey

The fairies retreated

The spirits, unable to compete

All grew quiet in that magical land


As if a veil was lifted…

Or perhaps, applied…


And she was left

With the cold reality

Of heaving

Bearing the grief, the suffering, the hopelessness

Of everything around her



It didn’t take long

For the child to grow sleepless

And searching


She found a portal

To make it all go away


A portal of daring

A portal of transcendence

A portal of rebellion

A portal of

Maybe if I just do this

I will see them

I will feel them again








Probing for a portal

Maybe I will see them again


This magical child

Born with dreams in her eyes



Doing whatever it took

To feel them, again

To be on that edge, again

To pierce into that world, again

To not have to carry, anymore


That magical child

She, with a fervor



If they said

It would kill her

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