In Flames

Five years passed

Since I sat watching

The face that raised me

Propped, cardboard prosthetics

Forming strange countenance

Ready to go


Strange too, this feeling

You, in a box, ready

And me, watching

The face that raised me

Ready to go

Into flames


These were your wishes

Decided, after all, naked

And following, swallowed

Swallowed by the great one

Countered with brine


Strange though it was

To sit by you, watching

Floating, still shaken

Flowers ’round your head

The caked foundation

Hastily applied

Over fake arches

And greying mottled skin

Pretty, they tried to make you

Smiling, they tried to mold you

Strange, almost laughing

Darkness peeking through


Sitting there, watching

You in a box, naked


Into flames

The face that raised me

I remember

I remember

Mussels in seaweed

I finally let the last of you


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