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Actually, She’s always full

Only choosing to lift Her skirt

To show us the meaning of Time



Bathing under ever-present

Full and glory glow

Run rampant with climax

She knows, She knows


She knows our hands

Need tempering

Our wild mind wolf soul

Needs titration

The lucky

The lucky

The lucky

Can follow



Her ever-present fullness


She knows

She knows

When Void will deepen us

When the knife will push us on

When the contrast

Of sparkling nightime oceans

Will give us strength

And awe

To continue

As our tears, begging

Dissolve into sand


Light and Dark

She’s all of this



What we see is another

And Her magic

Her rhythms

Her wise coy reveal

Always, actually

She’s full


And with Her magic

We learn

How to Be

With the fullness

And the emptiness

Of the everything

And the nothing

And the in between

And the question echoes we hide,

The terrifying disappearances

Floating, thrashing

Desperate for core

She knows

She shows


That we truly are


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