Finding Her

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I am looking for Her


I am searching the cracks

Scouring the dew-dotted webs

Setting out altars


She is listening


I am writing Her letters

Soaked in basil and blackberry

Infused with frustration’s tears and spit

Despite great cavernous terrors

That She does not exist



Am looking for Her



She’s been down

Deep Below

And has no time to debate


Hers is a vast ocean

Enveloping me in broader possibilities

Ones that sparkle with darkness

And light


We stir cauldrons

Track down demons

And listen

Carve unimaginable spaces

For transformation

For transmutation

For scars so ancient, so withered their connections

To be seen

To listen


I am looking for Her




Wondering if I’m just a crazy bird

For hoping

But all I can do

Is look for Her


Especially in this darkness

Icaros guiding, soothing

Unseen tightrope buckling

Under each terror filled advancement

All I can do

Is look for Her


Scraping myself off floors

To Presence

Over and over and over again

All I can do

Is look for Her


And listening


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