Photo by Anna Shvets on

Hidden immigrant terrified tracking

Sweat laced panic attack medical trauma heaving

Dreams pummeling minds ancestors warning

Chemo receiving drips poisonous cure too fragile

Pregnant mothers fearing, special needs screaming

Orange survivors guaranteed

Some with flies crawling on mind walls

Tender bodies

Guided hearts

Wait and seers

Those, perhaps, with grandparents, now gone mad

Speaking of A 1966 Study

Of the Vulnerability

Of Subway Passengers in New York City

To Covert Attack with Biological Agents

Fearing, wanting to trust

Wanting to be a “good American”

But haunted

Straddling medians

Betwixt extremists chanting what cannot be known


Tender layers between only parts exaggerated

These are the They

These are the They

These are the They

Who should be denied healthcare

Who should be denied hospital beds

Who should be denied insurance

Who should be forced and mandated to ignore

Pro or Anti

Perhaps to

See these people

Perhaps to

Listen to these They

The complexity

Perhaps to realize exclusion



And dismissal

Will never move the needle


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