Tuna Wraps, Vultures and Demons, Oh My!

Photo by Harry Lette on Pexels.com

Pliant rough tortilla

Unfolds under fingertips

Revealing creamy innards

Spread out

Like the ritual of long ago


Piercing the fishy mound

The tomato laced mash

Rides aboard fork tines

And is placed onto tongue


Outside my window




There’s a bitterness

And a fleeting fear

Of being poisoned

Of writhing in death

And agony

Only to come


Clearing past lives

I continue the mission


Then surgically extracting

Lifeless leaves

I take them in

Feeling what’s left of their

Withering limp bodies

Lodge in between tooth an gum


Cold flesh

Of tomato guts

Bursts across palate

As molars decimate

And I remember smoke

And I remember suicidal hotel rooms


Now a blue jay

Sits on the line

Below the vulture, circling

As if waiting, waiting



I entertain

Just for a moment

That it might answer

And ask if it could help me find home?



There is no answer

But this next bite

Saturated with brined saltiness

The seasoned mash

Sloshes between cheeks

And I am grimacing

Tongue dislodging

Pieces from the cracks


Blue Jay is gone

As is for vulture

And I

Feel so very alone


Remembering, remembering

I can’t help


That smoke

That loss

That yearning

To go Home


And the shame

The shame

A professional seeking re-admission

Into the only home

She’s ever really known



These last overseasoned bites of innards

Before the tortilla

Becomes my only focused goal


I saved it for last

Like so many years ago

Where meals were skeletal

And the next allowance might be days away

I saved it

I made it last

I made it last

Peeling apart layers

Most eyes don’t even see

Extracting, surgery, pieces

Making it last


This time

I feel the impatience rising

The tidiousness of this ritual

However necessary it might have seemed

A decade ago

I pick up the rest

And roll it, feeling a welcome denseness

Compressing, masticating

And I swallow


This time, unlike that time

I am exhausted by the ritual

But this time, just like that time

I try to ignore

The Demons

Writhing in my gut

Still they greet

At each attempt of feeding


This time, just like that time

The Demons are still there



They’ve been there

A very long, long time.

. . .

Thanks for reading. Please join me next week as I re-create the food memory, “Carl’s Jr.”

**If you’d like to learn more about the Food Memories book I am referencing for these posts, you can support a small bookstore by purchasing it here: 


or by searching for Food Memories by Reagan Lakins on any major book selling website.

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