It Lives!

So in the midst of all the car drama I forgot to mention that I received the proof copy of my first book, Food Memories! What an experience to hold it, in material form, in my hands. It has been three years since I received the idea to now having it in print form –albeit with a myriad of formatting errors due to my amateur formatting attempts.

At the same time, I also received the final edit of this manuscript from my editor, and that’s a whole overwhelming experience, with red marks and changed words and the like. I’m in that common stage of not knowing what the hell to do with the suggestions–which to keep, and which to ignore by trusting my own style. I’m sure I’ll figure it out, but I can see that a steaming mug of strong coffee and some dark chocolate may be involved in said figuring :}

At the bottom of my editor’s invoice, she made a small but important comment that she strongly suggests I pursue the traditional publication route. Well there’s an unexpected suggestion! I’ve been headed with her this whole time down the self-publishing route, but I guess there’s been a turn since her last reading.

So now I am aiming my sails at the process of query letters and comparative literature reviews, and seeing where it takes me. I know this route can take a while to yeild anything, if at all, soI have my self-publishing button all ready to go should it become too weary. But I figure I might as well give it a try.

For now I celebrate. Hooray for a manifested, physical object embodying my creation! Hooray for the appearance of a possible new path of publication! Hooray, for it lives!

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